Friday, 9 November 2007

LG Viewty KU990 - 5 Megapixel camera

The LG Viewty KU990 is one of the latest camera phones - featuring an impressive resolution of 5-megapixels. If you are considering purchasing a digital camera in the near future and could possibly do with a mobile phone upgrade too, then you may want to consider the Viewty KU900.

Not only does the camera support a high 5-megapixel resolution, it also has a touch screen and supports a range of other features that you would expect to find in a standard digitial camera. On top of the convectional auto-focus, the Viewty KU990 is the first ever camera phone to support manual focus. A xenon flash is included although I have heard reports that it is not all that bright.

Other image enhancing facilities include digital stabalisation, ISO 800 and SmartLight for taking quality pictures in low-light conditions.

The LG Viewty KU990's photo editing software provides a range of useful features including picture size adjustment and a scattered photo viewer that allows you to drag photos around the screen with the flick of a finger.

HIgh speed video recording at 120FPS is also supported which allows you to catch objects in motion with a high detail and then view them again later in slow motion.

An MP3 player is included and supports most of the features that you would find on a standalone MP3 player.

- Camera - 5MPx, manual and auto focus
- Digital zoom - 16x
- Optical zoom - no
- Video Encoding - VGA 30fps, QVGA 120 fps
- Video Codec - (MPEG4/WMV/H.263/H.264) - plays divx video up to 640 x 480
- Audio Codec - (MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC++/WMA)
- Memory Slot - Micro SD 2Gb
- Internal memory - 90MB
- Bluetooth and USB connectivity
- Display - 3 inch touch screen
- Dimensions L,W,H(mm) - 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8

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