Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Nokia 6124 - Compact 3G multimedia phone exclusive to Vodafone

The Nokia 6124 classic is a compact multimedia phone that has this month been announced exclusively for the Vodafone market.

Vodafone customer's world-wide will benefit from high speed access to Vodafone's internet and entertainment services. 3G broadband download speeds at up to 10 times faster what is currently available from 3G will be supported by the Nokia 6124. Customers who frequently use their mobile for internet browsing and video streaming should certainly benefit from this handset.

Other standout features include a large 2.0"display, 2 megapixel camera an external memory slot that will allow the user to expand the phones memory up to 8GB.

Based on the Symbian operating system, the Nokia 6124 provides SmartPhone capabilities and the freedom to download new applications to the phone. Multiple applications can run at once, making it possible to listen to music while browsing the web for example.

The Nokia 6124 will be available in Vodafone markets from the second quarter of 2008.

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Nokia 6124 classic said...

Nokia 6124 classic has a stylish case with easy to use features. It is having very low weight which makes easier to hold and for one handed typing. It provides 3G HSDPA support, 2 MB camera, mini-USB port for PC connectivity. The battery life is also pretty good but it heats up really fast, my experience was I played a game on it for half an hour and it quickly got hot.