Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Nokia N82 Black SmartPhone released

The Nokia N82 SmartPhone has today been unveiled in a stylish new jet black. This is perhaps a response from Nokia to mixed opinions about the appearance of the older shiny silver model.

Multimedia capabilities, high-speed internet and integrated GPS navigation are standout features of the Nokia N82. The camera is top notch as well, providing 5 Megapixels, Xenon flash, Car Zeiss optics, auto focus, fast between shot reloading and DVD like quality video capture.

The integrated GPS and high resolution camera can work together to tag photos with capture location metadata. The capture location of each image can then be viewed at a later date from the phone or on a computer.

The Nokia Sports Tracker application is also supported by the N82. This GPS based activity tracker application automatically stores data such as speed, distance and time.

MicroSD cards of up to 8GB are supported. This storage space is quoted by Nokia of being able to hold either 3,600 high resolution photos, 5 hours of video capture, up to 6,000 songs or every available region for Nokia Maps.

The Nokia N82 Black model is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks for an estimated price of 400 euros.

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